I have been doing much shopping online. Today when I went in the front hallway there were 8 boxes for me. Or so I thought. For some strange reason I have found that stores tend to ship items separately. I had 3 boxes from one store. Why? No clue…

ANYHOW. I am opening up my packages and I grab one Amazon box, rip it open and…oops. Uh, I didn’t order this…


You see, earlier this week Erin asked if anything from Amazon arrived yet. Something did the other day. A single package easy to realize ERIN’S NAME is on the single package. Looked like a DVD to me. I was thinking THAT ONE was mine…I put it aside for her and it was gone a day later.

SO IT DID NOT occur to me that this box wasn’t mine!

I sheepishly, secretly totally excited that I just got Bill and Ted, called Erin and yes, she confirmed. “Happy Birthday!” Ok, so it is a week early…but still MOST TRIUMPHANT!

I am so excited. I love, love, LOVE this movie! And I get part two AND a 3rd disc of “Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection Non-Bogus Disc” And if it is as good as the chezzy ass “I never thought I would say yee-ha to a horse.” of Biff Tannen on the BTTF special disc featuring Kirk Cameron? MY WHOLE YEAR WILL BE EXCELLENT!

Thank you E! 🙂

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?