Movie Night Sean Bean

Movie Night (Always Choose Sean Bean)

When HWMMS “allows” me to “choose” the movie we are going to “watch” there’s usually one movie that I want much over the other. Tonight, I hesitated.

I’ll explain in a bit.

First a little clarification.

  1. “Allows” – I have some control over the selection. It’s become a Weber game. With odd rules, for example he is never “allowed” to choose Dredd or 47 Ronin Once in a very rare while, I allow it but so far he hasn’t indulged.
  2. “Choose” – Another part of the game. We almost always decide between two movies. HWMMS picks the genre. Tonight was Marvel vs. Non Marvel. Sometimes it’s more specific like Marvel vs. War Movie. Or Marvel vs. Science Fiction. Note I have not yet been “allowed” to “choose: Marvel vs. Rom Com or Marvel vs. Musical. Good thing I’m a fan of Marvel movies. (So much eye candy,)
  3. “Watch” – HWMMS will watch. I “play” and work on the computer while “watching.” Like I’m doing now while writing this post.

Now where was I?

Tonight was Marvel vs. Non Marvel. I told him I couldn’t decide and I wanted to see the two movies he selected before making the choice.

My options?