Moving right along…

Dating, Personal / Friday, November 7th, 2008

Moving right along…


And so it goes.

Mark is moving out this weekend.

And I feel wrong. 🙁

I decided to stay at the apartment. Been thinking all night about how I want to rearrange and make the place different and my very own. Many ideas floating around. (Who me?) I’m thinking I might just dive right in this coming week and put up CHRISTMAS all over the house, just cause I can and it will make me happy. And worry about the rest after I find a roommate after the first of the year(ish). I have MANY PROJECTS in my mind to keep me busy (remember I CLEARED my schedule FREE OF obligations to everyone except my friends, my family, my relationship and myself at the end of September. So I have LOTS of free time on my hands.

Now. With that said. Anyone looking for a nice place to live? I can afford the place for a while on my own but MAN it’s a big place. And I need to start saving up money for whatever my next big thing might be so it will be essential to have someone pay half of the rent and utilities. (Although I do admit, I already have a plan in motion I’m hoping will work out .)

Moving right along…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?