My mood is all over the place today.

Up down, up down. UP DOWN.


So this morning? I was late to work. WHY? Why, because the bus I take to work did not show up. How do I know this? Because the driver on the next bus that shows up 1 minute before I am supposed to be at work said “damn it what happened to that other bus?” when I got on, and about 5 other people followed…onto an already full bus.

Grrr. Out of my hands. I am usually 15 minutes early. Alas. I was 10 minutes late instead.

So when I am on full to capacity bus, I notice a little old lady getting on. ALL THE SEATS are taken and one person is already standing. So I get up, seeing the lady, and decide to give her my seat. I will be at work in 3 minutes or so. AS SOON AS I GET UP? A dumb bitch about 45 ish gets up and sits down and opens up her book to start reading. MIND YOU there are at least 5 people getting on the bus after the little old lady…

Grrr. People. I HATE ignorant people. Someone else offered the lady their seat so all was well in the end, but this got my juices flowing.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?