Nail clipping…and more!

My cats love to have their nails done…alright now so much. But today I went out and bought my very own pair of super kitty nail clippers. See below…

Ah now the funny part about this is the instructions. After they explain how to find the nail and where to cut they go further…and say “after cutting use the (insert name brand here) kitty nail file to file the claws…”

He he he he…FILE the nails? FILE? Really? The vet doesn’t FILE the nails when they are trimmed! I can hardly get through all 10 without wriggling or pathetic “meeeow you are hurting me, but not really” cries.

A file?

And while I am on the topic, if you have never bought one of these fun toys for your cat, you are missing out…

A scratchy box of cardboard. They go WILD…WILD over this thing…I shared the news with the family and upon buying one for their kitties, my theory was confirmed. Love this toy.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?