Personal, Writing / Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Sunday. Thank GOD for Sunday. It’s been a long week.

Last Sunday, a friend saw a house for the first time at an Open House. Monday we had a second showing. Tuesday we offered a contract. Wednesday we had an accepted contract. (Finally!) Thursday was Thanksgiving. Friday was Home Inspection. No rest for the wicked!

Thursday was Gobble for Groceries morning. Friday and Saturday was A Very Merry Main Street. Black Friday – Small Business Saturday goodness at the Chamber.

And then the fundraiser for our friend Touchdown for Tristian.

Sunday. DAY OF REST. I slept until the Buffalo Bills game came on at 1pm. I made three lasagnas during halftime. I caught up on social media sort of during the game and sat in awe as we somehow won?  And then we took the dogs for a walk.

I haven’t been home in what feels like million days and I’ve been exhausted. My body decided to take a hormonal dump om my system this week too, of course. (Which I am NOT even a little bit complaining about because the medicine Metformin has proven to be a miracle drug in this regards.) AND I somehow had a virus on my laptop that I barely used this week.

Yeah that statement, laptop that I barely used this week also means I did pretty much ZERO writing for NaNoWriMo. I did my articles for the Springville Times on Monday. I was somehow above my word count for the month by over 1,000 words. And then nothing. And more nothing and then oh I’m so tired I write a little bit but nothing nothing. And now I’m here on Sunday and so far behind it feels like the whole thing is pointless. I even sat down with the intent to write something and all those thoughts I had in my head all week, gone. WHOOSH. Nothing. I’ll keep writing but catching up? Sigh.

I do have to report that I’m happy I have a handy IT inclined Husband though, He not only got rid of the virus on my laptop but when I was at work all day yesterday, decided to rebulid the whole thing adding a new Windows system, Adobe, Word Excel all the good stuff. He’s an angel. I’m a technology energy sucking demon.

I thought about starting biscotti baking, but the butter is frozen and thawing on the counter. Maybe Tuesday.