NaNoWriMo 2017

Writing / Wednesday, November 1st, 2017


Yep, I’m doing this again. And this time I mean business. Hahaha.

Not really, this time, like CampNaNo back in March, I mean GETTING WORDS ON PAGES, Every day, Or almost every day.

I have at least 15 blog post titles saved in drafts. Essays I mean to write. But that’s not where the words will flow, because I will want to publish something every day on All Things Jennifer and that means going back and rewriting and adding and editing and deleting and adding photos and adding links and working on SEO, you know, blogging. AND THIS ISN’T ABOUT BLOGGING NOW IS IT? It’s about getting words on the page and making them fit together nicely or not so nicely in the future. Getting in the habit, once again of daily writing. Some days it might only be stream of consciousness bullshit, but it is still words on page and out of head. THAT is my goal.

Funny, last night I was watching the clock tick down to midnight and I thought. Hmmm. I COULD start writing something now at 10 pm and have it count for tomorrow right? RIGHT? Wrong. I went to bed.

Funny, last night I was watching the clock tick down to midnight and I thought, Hmmm. I COULD get out of bed and start writing something now that it IS midnight and it WILL count, right? RIGHT! Except, wrong, I stayed in bed.

Today is Day One.