Personal, Western New York / Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Since living in Buffalo I’ve been in a few different neighborhoods.

When I first moved, I lived in…wait for it…Williamsville. (GASP! Moi?) I know. Even worse? I lived in the big scary apartment complex across from North Campus of UB for two years. And then I dumped the dead weight roommate/boyfriend (who moved to Tonawanda) and discovered CITY living. And never looked back, obviously.

My first apartment was in an area of *North Buffalo* because it was considered *safe* or something. Actually I loved the apartment. Lived downstairs, three bedrooms all hardwood floors etc.  But not too soon after realizing that living on the other side of the Albright-Knox on Elmwood wasn’t my cup of tea…I moved to…

Allentown. Smack dab in the middle of the goodness of Allentown in that one block by Allen/Elmwood with all the funky colored houses. A two bedroom, upstairs porch. Love. Loved living in Allentown.

Moved to a single apartment up the street on North and realized Allentown was DANGEROUSLY close to the bars. Life was, was…busy.

So of course I moved back up Elmwood a little closer to the village (and Gates Circle) on Lafayette Ave. Walkable to a whole different world.

And from there? I moved to the other side of Richmond (Gasp! The West Side!) and lived on the corner of Baynes/Dorchester. Super close walk to Bidwell Park. Loved this place. Loved this neighborhood. Lower 3 bedroom with a porch and hardwood floors.

And now? I’m back in Allentown, West. Cottage District I think they call it? And I have to say so far…it’s trumped all the other neighborhoods I’ve lived in to date. Tis a little grittier, artyish, yet residential and up and coming. Very close to the action, but a world away tucked between gorgeous eclectic housing and anchored on the side by huge homes, a park and Kleinhans. I’m in love.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?