New friends…

My Sister-in-Law, Dayna and one of my very best friends from college, Rachel are Southtowns Mommies who are involved in Mommy Groups, Supper Clubs and Book Clubs. When Rachel and I finally got together for girl time a few months back I laughed and compared my Book Club night to “Wednesday at Sample” and Supper Club night to “Thursday at Prospero.” Different lives, different circles.

NOT that I’m against a supper club or book club even in the least bit! In fact I would love to organize and be a part of such groups with friends! The only thing about book club is…I want to read all the books I want to read. Life is too short to read something I’m not even remotely interested in and my to-read list is VERY LONG. All Things Selfish Jennifer Book Club anyone?


This past Friday night I penciled in a date with my sister-in-law Dayna after her supper club met at Delish for the evening. I figured the two of us would meet out and catch up for a while, but…she meant out, with her supper club friends too!

I admit when I heard supper club I heard “suburban mommies” instead of AWESOME FUN COOL LADIES I NEED TO HAVE AS MY FRIENDS. a large majority of my girlfriends are mommies and many of them live in the burbs, I was just afraid that lil’ ol’ me might have a different kind of story to share with this group of ladies over martinis.

Boy was I wrong.

I’m constantly amazed at just how many awesome fun cool people there are out there in the world. So many friends to make!

I met Dayna and her friend Julie, Janelle and Kristen out at Cecilia’s and later Kristen’s friend  Krista met up with us too. Tales of dating, of marriage, of food, of friends, of life flowed over several drinks. I seemed to have found a kindred in Kristen who happens to be a part of these groups, but is single and without any kiddos too. Not to mention Kristen was getting ready to go out to Club Diablo that night for a benefit AND Artpark on Sunday. Parallel lives anyone?

Much fun was had. And I’m looking forward to getting to know these ladies better in the coming months. Methinks I’m on the Southtowns Book/Supper Club circuit now! 🙂

Thanks Dayna for introducing me to a fun group of ladies!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?