New (Super) Moon Tonight!

My friend Sara posted this today.

“New moon! New moon! Taurus moon! Where are you? Appreciate where you are/ what is working… notice what you would like to shift/ where you feel stuck. WRITE DOWN WHERE YOU’D RATHER BE/ FEEL ON THOSE SUBJECTS. Ask your ancestors for help.”

Where am I? Hmmm. I’ve been in a pickle of a place the last two months—six weeks. I’d rather NOT think about where I was and let’s focus on where I am today. Here. Today. Today I’m coming out of the fog. I appreciate that I am coming out of this fog. (Although I did sleep for over 12 hours yesterday, bah.) What do I want to shift? My energy. I want the depression GONE. Stuck? Not in my writing that’s for sure, but in my outside pursuits—gotta get myself back out there in the world with people somehow without getting overwhelmed and over-scheduled.

(As I was typing that last statement, it occurred to me that my depression FORCES this to happen in my life. Perhaps somehow the evil Big D serves as the reset I’m not able to consciously create in my own soul? Honestly, it’s not like I have a choice when I’m in it…)

Where would I rather be? ANYWHERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Mental Illness sucks big fat donkey balls. I need help when I get out of the fog—need to focus energy on my HEALTH and WELLNESS walking, vitamins, eating good foods, swimming. All things I said I was going to work on in the beginning of the year when I wrote down intentions.

Funny how that works eh? Think I’m stuck much?

*NEW MOON* in TAURUS yields an opening of Earthy love and reprieve from recent energies…You can run around like a chicken or you can press your inner ear to that heartbeat and align, listen and entrain to what is immense and at the center of our universe.” -NEW MOON in Taurus April 26th 2017

I’m listening…but to what? Which path? All I know for certain is the answers will come and I need to just keep on writing and blogging along the way.

Making Intentions and Things to Consider

What are your personal values and interests that you need be considering right now? What can you do to make your life more abundant financially and/or be more aligned and connected with the Earth? What are you worth?

New Moon In Taurus: A Shift In Our Personal Values & Sense Of Self-Worth

Worth. What am I worth. Hmpf. Sad that when I see this I think—not much, because I obviously don’t care enough about myself to take care of my health. I NEED to work on this—-with health comes wealth. I’m worth it.

A supermoon signifies a time of high energy, thanks to the moon being closer than ever to us. You should get ready for big decisions that will need to be made, and things happening out of the blue — but it can also bring closure and ending chapters. – What Does The New Moon Supermoon Mean? In 2017, Get Ready For A Time Of High Energy

I really do have big decisions to be made. I need to figure out professionally how I’m going to bring in my share of income to my family. Because right now, 1.5 years in to the Real Estate Business. I’m WAY IN OVER MY HEAD and have quite a bit of earning to do to just BREAK EVEN. It’s NOT a Buyer’s Market—-and the people. my friends out there looking are well, looking. Bringing new people into the fold? Possible, but how many contracts will close? How much time do I honestly put towards something that might not work out in the end—and when do I decide this when I haven’t even devoted the time I need to make it succeed yet? Is the out of the blue option something to consider? Who knows. Only time will tell.

New moon, bring it.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?