New Year, New Vision, New Team!

All in a Days Work, Real Estate / Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

When I landed in the world of real estate a little over a year (and a half ago?) I made a decision to build a new office for an outstanding real estate brokerage firm outside NYC that wanted to get started in WNY.

At that time, real estate was going to be my full-time everything.

Then 2016 happened.

And professionally, the stars aligned for me for the first time in 42 years. I accepted a part-time position as the Director of the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce which offered me the flexibility I needed to succeed.

As months went by, I spent WAY more time working for the Chamber and the community I love which made real estate fall distantly behind.

My first year in Real Estate I closed 3 deals and got a commission from one that should have closed. So 4. Is this number way less than I hoped? OF COURSE. But then I recall three deals going south all at the same time this Fall and I remember there’s a lot of uncertainty in this business I chose.

Would this number be higher if I was focusing only on real estate? Maybe. Maybe not.

THAT SAID, as I was evaluating my life the past few months it became ABUNDANTLY clear that real estate was not my be-all-end-all-business. Picking up a few social media consulting clients also reminded me that I am in fact, All Things. And I like my life that way. I LOVE IT IN FACT. It was unfair to try to build a new brand I couldn’t even dedicate myself to if I tried. Something had to give.

So this year, 2017, I parted ways with my first brokerage, the one that gave me wings and mentors of a lifetime. My needs have changed. I need a local team of colleagues I can bounce showings and open houses and questions and inspections over to if something else comes up in life (which it always, always does.) And since I already knew the two women I was doing this with, making it official it was a no-brainer.

I’m now super-duper-over-the-snowy-moon excited to announce that as of today, I’m a part of the the Myriad Team at Keller Williams Lancaster/Elma. (Obviously I chose them because of the logo colors, why mess with perfection?)

What does this really mean? (Otherwise known as wrap it up already…)

For most of the world, nothing much. A firm is a firm is a firm is a firm. 95% of the people I’ve been working with are friends or referred by friends so they could care less about the name on my business card, they are choosing ME to help them on their long and twisty path to buying and selling a home.

For current and future clients/friends it means much more support for me on days I might be running three places at once. And a lot more training, meetings, local support that I wasn’t able to get when starting a new firm with HQ in NYC.

For ME MYSELF AND I. It means a new beginning. Time to focus on building and growing my brand and my business with the help of an amazing team.

It also means a bit of restructuring in my online world. When I first started real estate I came up with the All Things WNY Homes brand knowing it would follow me wherever I went. But honestly, really, my brand—the one I never even knew I was building in the first place for the last decade? My brand is All Things Jennifer. I do consulting and writing and freelancing work under this name, this is who I am. No more segmenting. So bye-bye All Things WNY Homes. I’m incorporating all things real estate and house and home things back where they belong. Right here.

THANK YOU to all who have supported this crazy dream and trusted in me, I can never repay your kindness and generosity.

Onward 2017!


Oh…and if you’re looking to buy or sell a home (or LAND—I’ve somehow become the one people turn to looking for land!) OR if you know someone who is looking for a most excellent agent.

I believe you know where to find me.






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