No Facebook, NO.

Social Media / Sunday, November 5th, 2017

No Facebook. ENOUGH with forcing me to see “video memory montages” of my life through status updates I choose to share through your platform.

It’s not even one of those “you’ve been friends for 4 years” posts, this time it was a “we just finished October” post.

Um, yeah. I know. It’s only 5 days into November thank you. I do not need a video montage to remind me of my last four weeks of status updates.

Here’s a NOVEL idea. Why not focus on showing me the status updates of people and pages I choose to follow, in the order they post them instead of figuring out what you think I want to or should see instead? Maybe that would be a nice video montage—all the posts you haven’t showed me because of your algorithms in October? I might actually look at that one. Even when I’m not a fan of video.

Perhaps it’s just me. But that’s what I come to Facebook for—-to keep up-to-date with the people and things I want to keep up-to-date on. I would prefer a MILLION TIMES OVER paying for a subscription to Facebook just to see this very thing—-instead of being force fed advertising by the accounts large enough to pay for advertising.