MLM Sales

No MLM Sales Here

No MLM Sales Here. (MLM = Multi-Level Marketing)

I originally wrote this in 2015. Interesting. Replace Jamberry with LuLuRoe, same story.

PLEASE no one take offense at this next post, but if you invite me to a group for something salesy—I’m going to politely decline. I know a lot of people. (I mean a lot…of people.) And I decided long ago that it is simply impossible to pick who to buy something from if I even wanted. I don’t host parties. I don’t buy essential oils (I’ve been experimenting making my own tinctures) I don’t do nails (have you ever seen how dirty I get in the garden?—I was invited to 5 Jamberry groups today alone…5!) I don’t wear makeup (I honestly haven’t for years. Maybe once or twice a year?) I have skin care products I love, I have kitchen items, purses, jewelry, candles, vitamins…this list is honestly endless. I have nieces and nephews and cousins I buy things from to support their schools and extracurricular activities, but even then, I’d honestly just rather make a donation. Thank you for understanding.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?