No More Christmas Tree!

No More Christmas Tree! Pine Needles everywhere…two months later my living room is back to normal. As you can see (cause I know you ALL pay attention to these things, ha ha) I moved my loveseat from against the wall to facing the TV which is now plugged in with a DVD player for movie enjoyment. An essential part of dating. Cozy cuddling watching movies at home.

I have to frame more of my Black and White photos for the wall. And I need more plants to put on the table in the corner.

Even though this picture is dark and in the shadows…I put my plants in the kitchen so they could get more light.

And I plan on doing something fun with these two orange chairs to put in front of the picture window where the Christmas Tree once sat. I can see them now…funky and pretty.

Exciting life I lead, eh? Slowly, my place is becoming my own.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?