No Reply All!

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5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All”

I’m guilty of #2 once in a while. If I send “thank you” to everyone, they are all aware I read the message and many times I want everyone to know I read the message.

And #4? Frustrates the heck out of  me. I manage a HUGE email mailing list for work and at least every time I send out a message I get a “please remove me” message back. (Which isn’t bad in a list of over 10,000+) but C’MON already people–have you never been on an email list before? USE THE UNSUBSCRIBE OPTION!  I don’t have the time to log into my email blast contact list, search for YOUR name and press the remove button.  Personal responsibility please and thank you.

What about you? Which ones are YOU guilty of…which ones drive you to rant in my comment section? 😉

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