Noosa Yoghurt for the WIN!

Food & Drink / Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Noosa Yoghurt for the WIN! I like yogurt. I don’t even *mind* boring yogurt, plain Jane on sale store brand, ok.

So far to date the best yogurt I’ve ever had—-is from White Cow Dairy. In a former life, I indulged often buying from the Elmwood Farmer Market when I lived in the Village. Cherry. Lemon. Yum. And I was a sucker for the cute little jars! Oh and it’s local. As in the farm is in EAST OTTO (hello right by where i lve in now here in Springville!)

However, that might have changed after today when my friend Jolene introduced me to NOOSA.

“You HAVE TO TRY THIS yogurt.”

An hour later she’s at the store buying said yogurt for herself for lunch and bringing extras!


Wow. Holy decadent yogurt. Yes, decadent. velvety, rich, creamy smoooooooth sweet vanilla. Thick, luscious beyond your wildest dreams. How on earth do they make it so good?

And I’m a sucker for clever adorable packaging. Good job guys. Even the bar code has a barn/cow theme going on.

I have no idea how much it costs (it was a treat, I should have asked!) But I’m telling you it is worth every penny and more. HOW DD I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BRAND BEFORE NOW? (Chobani loyalty be damned!)

Darn it. Now I want to go out and find White Cow yogurt and have a taste test. Maybe I’ll stop by the farm tomorrow and see if they sell on site or just in the city. Must. Investigate. All the delicious yogurt options!






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