Not The Home Show

HWMMS, Western New York / Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Our friend Colleen gave us passes to the Buffalo Home Show and for the first time in years, we actually decided to attend. Why not? Nothing better to do, right?

As we approached the fairgrounds, I noticed an awful lot of camo and flannel coming in and out of the venue, strange demographic for the home show and wait….what’s this?

Um, yeah. NOT THE HOME SHOW. But instead the Outdoor Sport and Travel Show. Close, right? One look at the passes we CLEARLY see that the ticket says BUFFALO CONVENTION CENTER but neither one of us even considered the fact that the home show wasn’t going to be at the Farigrounds. Does this make us officially people of the Southern Tier now? I think so.

Back into the car, we laugh. Hahahaha. What an adventure. We head downtown and get on the Thruway when I glance upon Twitter and see TRAFFIC WARNINGS ABOUT THE GARTH BROOKS INVASION. Oh hell no, we aren’t going ANYWHERE downtown this weekend.

So back to the Outdoor Sport and Travel Show we went. Because why not? Our compromise, afterwards we hit Pier One.  And c’mon, BIGFOOT? 😉

Turns out we missed out on the Bigfoot Experience, bad timing, but I did pick up a flyer…

Yes, this is what I expected.

Samples of Jerky.

Um, Strudel?

Lots of cute doggies…

HWMMS has no control over seeing doggies, he must pet them all.

Oooh! A tractor! We DO need to get a tractor very soon. (But not likely John Deere)

HWMMS insists I will not be allowed to drive the tractor we end up getting,but I think I’ll be able to make him come around after a little bit of time.

I have happy memories of being a little girl and sitting with my dad “driving” the tractor around our property…I was a very good driver.

HWMMS found a friend too, another potential Mistress...but so not a tractor.

What on earth is this thing? And why is it sitting next to the four-wheelers?

And finally, the hats.

I sort of wanted him to get this hat. Skunk? I thought it would look good with his ZEEB attire for derby. But alas, $200. Nope.

Lessons Learned at the Not Home Show

  1. Always check ticket to see where event is located.
  2. Always laugh at the little things and make life and adventure.


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