Now for the rest of the story.

Now for the rest of the story.

So, I have an interview today. Yes. Yesterday I was on the phone, setting up an interview for next week *Family Life Educator* for a transitional shelter for young mothers and their children…when I had a beep…

And it was the Executive Director of Compass House, wanting to set up an interview for a counselor position (for runaway and homeless youth.) A position I’m quite qualified for, been working in this field for over 5 years. I’m sort of feeling, well…unexcited. I am pretty cocky and certain I will be offered the position after speaking to the man on the phone. The pay, as in all human services positions is bleak to dismal. Seriously, I could probably make as much as a customer service agent at Pier One. (after 6 months) and I’m pretty certain Mighty Taco pays more for experienced workers. HOWEVER, tis the curse I live with.

And it is a job I would love to take…so that is good news. We will see…without benefits, the position might not be worth my while, regardless of the fact that OH YEAH I am not working right now! I can’t burn bridges in the local community where I hope to be employed…I can’t start this job and quit in a week. Or at least, a Jennifer won’t do this…unless I get a more professional position of course.

All the other *more* professional positions, have sent out letters and emails telling me that they are reviewing resumes. Only one flat out rejection, for a position I was not qualified for in the first place. I think I am up to about 10 letters and emails. So…the waiting game begins.

Of course, I still need to pay the rent in 9 days. Um…yeah.

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