NPR Induced Dream

Dreams / Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I had a dream last night that I took a pregnancy test and I was PISSED OFF that I read it wrong, it gave me two LINES instead of a PLUS mark so I assumed I was NOT PREGNANT. I guess the plus mark was supposed to mean pregnant? And a line meant that I wasn’t so I thought I wasn’t, but I was…and I was soooo upset. AND NOT READY! AND FREAKING OUT!

And then the dream fast forwarded to me having twins. (Two lines? Get it. ) Named Ella and Sam.

I woke up, turned around to Mark and asked him if he liked the name Sam.I’ve tossed about the name Ella before, so that part didn’t seem odd. The anger part seemed very real though…real and scary, I’m obviously nowhere near a baby mood lately!

I put this little ditty up on Twitter and I got this as a response.

kateanon @allthingsjen did you have a tomato before you went to bed – ended up with Sam and Ella…?

And then this on Facebook.

Lisa Baker (IUP) wrote
at 10:56am
Sam and Ella?? Salmonella! It must be the tomatoes…
DUH!!!! OF COURSE! I was terribly groggy this morning when the alarm went off and was playing the news on NPR! Sam AND Ella. I’m still cracking my dream self up thinking about it.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?