Oh Christmas Tree.

If I had a digital camera I would show you our tree. But I don’t so this picture should serve my purpose. 🙂

Yes. Erin and I got a tree this weekend. And the tree is currently, still, sitting in the front room. naked. Waiting for love. Tree is making our front room smell like Christmas and that is good, but Tree looks lonely. And sad. And naked. However, man…I hate putting up lights. So does Erin.

I thought that we could try the MODERN ART approach to the decorating this year.

Toss the lights at the tree and where they fall they fall. Walla! Merry Christmas.

PLUS Sasha Kitten likes to take all the ornaments off the tree one by one anyhow. Why not save the trouble and just place all the ornaments on the floor surrounding the tree? Again, a modern approach, right?


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?