Old Fort Niagara: French & Indian War 2011

This weekend was Old Fort Niagara’s largest event of the year the French & Indian War Encampment!

He Who Makes Me Smile plays the role of the French and spends the entire weekend at the Fort wearing an outfit like this…

Or his *gnome* hat that looks like this…

I LOVE seeing him at the Fort, it makes him very happy which makes me very happy. I intended on getting down to the Fort in time for the battle, but I missed it on Saturday because I was still preparing for dinner…and then Sunday? Um, I spent in bed all day very, very sick.

But I did get to take a few photos of the event!


I fell in love with these two babies in camp. So. Freaking. Cute. I couldn’t take my eyes off the kiddos the entire time!


The grounds were covered with a marketplace of goods, far better than any mall I tell ya!


He Who Makes Me Smile purchased a bonnet for me. So I can dress up too!

Look how pretty! I love love love it!


And I now have new material so he can sew me a vest. Oh and matching stockings. Maybe two pair of matching stockings.


Mmmm a feast of delicious food.

Now I just have to get photos of He Who Makes Me Smile in ACTION while Blacksmithing or Shooting the Musket. Next time…there’s always a next time.



Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?