Omnious Rabbit Dream

Dreams / Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Omnious Rabbit Dream. Yikes.

So last night I was up until the wee hours of the morning pondering all things…career related.

I went to bed with a heavy mind and a twisted crossroad path to try to sort out in my head.

And then I had my reoccurring rabbit dream. It’s been over a year or so.

The dream?

I’m at my childhood home, present day self. I suddenly realize that I’ve forgotten about the rabbits in the barn. I’ve somehow fed the cats, but haven’t fed the rabbits for months and I just know they are all dead and I’m panicking and helpless to go in the barn to see for myself.

Next scene? Around the side of the barn, my family members are digging small graves in the side garden for the rabbits. I definitely see my Dad and Gpa Baker, but can’t make out the others. They are taking care of the rabbits for me.

I go back into the house and upstairs into the bedroom (the bedroom that was my parent’s that I only had for a short time after my dad died, not the one I spent 14 years growing up in…) and I notice a large wet circle, it appears to be some sort of a leak and the floor has been softened. I jump on the bed and start doing work on the computer and don’t think twice about it.

A few hours later, I go downstairs in the dining room and I notice the ceiling above me is starting to crumble, the hole that I saw in the floor falls through, this perfect circle of ceiling crashes in front of me.

At this point in time I go outside to tell (someone) that the ceiling fell through and I need to go upstairs to get the computer because there’s work I’ve been doing that I need to collect.

And then the dream is over.

Um yeah.

Interpret that?

Dead family members digging graves of rabbits I was supposed to take care of but neglected? The floor crumbling below me and then the ceiling crumbling in front of me?



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