On Eagles Wings: The Musical!

Music, Randomments / Monday, January 26th, 2009

On Eagles Wings: The Musical!

Poor, poor Amanda. All she did was the 25 things thing on Facebook and MKG and I took over her comment section with song.

She innocently wrote:

18. Used to sing at funerals.
20. Misses performing.

And we’re OFF! (Edited to stick to the point…)

Mary Kunz Goldman at 9:17am January 26
I used to sing at funerals too! I did a mean “Be Not Afraid.”

Jennifer Smith at 9:18am January 26
I want to sing in a choir again too, I grew up singing in the Church. I have a long way to go…

Mary Kunz Goldman at 9:49am January 26
I will now be singing this song all morning. All together now: “You shall cross the barren desert…”

Mary Kunz Goldman at 12:02pm January 26
“If you pass through raging waters … of the sea… you shall not drown…” Don’t try to distract us, Amanda.

Amanda Punaro at 12:06pm January 26
How about “On Eagle’s Wings?” I sang that one so many times I had hand motions to it! Which I only did when I sang upstairs in the loft, not in front of the mourners. Where did you sing?

Jennifer Smith at 12:13pm January 26
“If you stand before the power of hell and death is at your side…”

Amanda Punaro at 12:16pm January 26
NO NO NO!!! You don’t understand, I’m trying to get it OUT of my head!!!! “And he shall raise you up, on Eagle’s Wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shiiiine like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand.” There, that’s better! Oh God, wait, no it’s not……

Jennifer Smith at 12:20pm January 26
“And hold you….hold you in the palm. “I have to blog about the time I was coming home from a sorority function, drunk of course, and leading the bus in singing church songs, that was fun.

Mary Kunz Goldman at 12:53pm January 26
“Blessed are the poor … For the kingdom shall be theirs … Blest are they who weep and mourn …” The three of us should co-author a musical based on these songs. We would be rich! It would be like “Mamma Mia” for Catholics

Mary Kunz Goldman at 12:54pm January 26
And Jennifer, your experience on the bus would have to be in there!

Jennifer Smith at 12:54pm January 26
I LOVE IT! Let’s do it! Amanda, are you in?

Amanda Punaro at 1:48pm January 26
First of all I think it’s great that Jennifer’s drunkenness can bring out sorority girl’s inner Catholic. Second of all, of course I’m in! Especially the part where someone said we’d be rich. That always comes in handy!

Michelle Wlosinski at 5:43pm January 26
“…for one day you shall laugh….” (sorry couldn’t resist)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?