One less than beautiful day.

I absorb stress around me at work like this sponge absorbs moisture. I’m sort of tired of coming home with stress headaches. I need a few days off.

Last night, we went grocery shopping after spending a quiet evening at B&N. I came home from work at 4:00 to put the turkey in the oven. La la la, making my stuffing, smells delicious…all is well because there are few things I like more in this world than the comfort food of our Smith family stuffing and some mashed potatoes.

Ground beef, water, stuffing pieces, butter, parsley, tons of onions, cups of celery, eggs, garlic, salt and pepper, parm cheese. Pure heaven. I am now preparing the turkey to go into the oven…

And guess what? I go in the other room to upload the pictures only to find out the oven isn’t working. Nope. NO idea why. The stovetop worked fine. No oven for me. Our landlord who lives upstairs came down for a look and has no idea what is wrong either. No idea where a pilot light is supposed to be, all we see is a sealed box and wires. MF***ker. I mean any other day? I would be irked….but DAY I DECIDE TO COOK THE I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT THANKSGIVING DINNER? Well, I am really irked.

Oh yeah and I was going to back the Baker Family Crunchytop Apple Pie in my new pie dish too…

I also should mention that when I called the landlord down to look at the stove, I realized we needed to pay the rent (6th? Holy COW It’s already the 6th?) And I could not find my checkbook anywhere.

And then? When the landlord came in? The front doorknob fell off. Why? Dunno.

And then? Simba Cat, who usually HIDES from people, decides to hiss and hiss and hiss at our landlord as she comes through our house. Bad kitty.

And then? We can’t find one damn flashlight in the house other than the little pen light that I bought because, well basically I THOUGHT IT WAS A PEN and a LIGHT not a mini flashlight in the shape of a pen. (I need a light up pen for those middle of the night thoughts in my head.)


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?