One Productive Hour

Man, I just had One Productive Hour. AND I WILL DENY THIS TO MY DYING DAY so if anyone dares mentions what you read in this post below to me when grumpy one morning, my notyetcaffeinated, still half-asleep self reserves the right to not-mean-to bite your head off. (Yes I realize this statement applies to a very small subset of people, mainly HWMMS.) (Also, I love you HWMMS.)

But, well. This last hour in the office (shhhhh, I’m not in the office, the lights are off and the door is locked.) has been insanely productive. INSANELY. I mean the internet is FAST and on fire. My brain is wired in correctly after drinking this cup of coffee from Crosby’s the size of my head. And I am not quite sure what to do with myself thinking I should try this more often. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh and WHY am I at the office at 7am on a Friday you ask?

Well, you see, a while back I did a silly misstep and got myself a traffic ticket and I have court at 9am. AND the Suburu (Substitute) is currently still in the shop getting all $ort$ of pretty so it will pass inspection, which is due, today. WHICH MEANS today is a one car day and since HWMMS has to be at work by 8, and his commute is 45 minutes away…well, I find myself stranded in the Village at 6:45am until the repair shop calls so I can pick up our wheels.

I should be much grumpier. Hmmm, maybe it’s the COOL weather this morning and the FACT THAT SEPTEMBER IS HERE! Bye, bye Summer.

Carry on. Happy Friday.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?