One Step Closer

One Step Closer

HWMMS will never admit this, which is why I need to record this thought on the blog for my own sanity and future reference.

TONIGHT while we were walking the doggies around the backyard behind the garage we were looking at all the work and mess that needs to be cleaned up out there, the old firepit area, the stacks of wood and random fencing, branches everywhere.

And while we were dreaming of all the work to be done…out of his mouth came something very, very similar to the following (unfortunately, I do not recall his exact words, but trust me, I knew his sentiment…)

“Well, one of these days this whole coop area will be cleaned and filled with some sort of animal anyhow, like a jackalope or something…”



Chickens. Rabbits. (Goats.) Future goals.

Tee hee.

I also have to admit, HWMMS is making me love him even more lately just because he is coming home from work and spending quiet time on the porch just chillin. The porch is one of my most favorite places in Weber Wonderland—-he will come out but usually when we have guests or I prod him along. Lately, he’s been loving it. And that makes me SO HAPPY.

We also spent time over by the pond with the puppies and watched three giant hawks flying about. HUGE suckers no possible way my phone could capture how majestic they were, at least four feet wing span. AT LEAST. There were three adults and another smaller bird flying around them-I think it had to be a baby hawk, but not sure. Fun to watch soaring above us.

And then we finished off the night talking potatoes and garden planting for the weekend. I swear to God nothing makes me feel more at peace and content. I’m forever blessed to have found a partner to share these simple joys with me.

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