One Week…

One Week…Thank you all for the kind words, messages and cards…it means a lot to us.

We miss our old pup like an appendage. Henri pretty much followed me around the house everywhere I went. At all times. By my side. Tis especially sad at night when he isn’t with us cuddling under the blankies.

Our Tubby Cat who was Henri’s best bud is not doing too well with his grieving. He is peeing/spraying on our bed (where the two of them would curl up) and it is driving HWMMS batty. I’m trying Feliway and Rescue Remedy and leaving the bedroom door shut hoping that helps, some. Also it is a bit warmer out so Tubby can go back outside, which he has been doing. I hope our poor kitty gets better soon. Breaks my heart.

Mimi Cat has sort of taken the place of Henri the Doggie in the house, she’s one of those more like a dog cat types anyhow. She follows us around and last night curled up at the end of the bed on my legs like Henri used to do, odd.

Sasha Kitten has been A LOT more cuddly with his mama, coming to my side in bed and sleeping more often. He’s always been good like that, this kitty knows when I’m sad. I also caught Sasha Kitten on top of Henri’s kennel meowing the other day…and he didn’t even LIKE Henri, just tolerated.

Dani Cat and Annie Cat have pretty much been the same, they are the two that are the most distant and independent around the house.

It’s very weird having a house with five cats and no doggie. Very, very lonely. Even with here a cat, there a cat, everywhere a cat, cat…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?