online photos

Online Photos

Yikes. I thought I had a lot of blog posts—I just looked at the number of online photos in my Flickr account. Um 17, 136 photos. Since 2005.

The sad thing is they aren’t organized very well. For instance I KNOW there is a photo in there somewhere of Johnny Santis from my BPO days, but because I didn’t tag it properly and stick it in the right category, it is basically a free for all.

I wonder how long it would take to organize.

I also have a ton of photos of things I never blogged about. And photos that once linked to my blog that no longer link that I need to upload. Oh yeah, and then the whole idea that I have all my online photos stored digitally and not on a backup of my own computer (now that I said this, this will be the first thing I get in order, I hope I didn’t jinx myself! I do carry a negative technology energy with me at times!) Although I’ve had the account since 2005, which has been 12 years now. I’m probably safe. (Eeek!)

Where do you all store your photos?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?