Oooh shiny!

I met up with Erin on Friday. The ring is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and shiny and sparkly and yet somehow still pales in comparison to her smile.

Bad Jen didn’t even REALIZE that when I got to work on Thursday morning and found a voice mail waiting for me…from Erin…before 9 am, that MAAAAAYBE she had news to share. 🙂 Duh! (I was just so happy that the little red light wasn’t an early morning message from my boss that it slipped my mind that the message was even left in the first place.)

So, I DID get to meet up with Erin for *coffee* on Friday for a brief few to check out the hardware and do the girly hug and chat in person. Smiles.

And then this evening, since the fiance was out of town, we did a little more girly hanging out, you know…looking at really pretty white dresses and stuff on the laptop that Erin just happened to bring with her.

And we also engaged in celebratory champagne (sparkling wine) which is how we always celebrate the moments, big and small. However this time instead of Ballatore? We sprung for the adult version, Martini and Rossi.

And the OLD part came in when we decided to only get one bottle TOTAL instead of one bottle for each of us. Will wonders never cease?

So amazingly happy for Erin, for better and worse we have been friends through quite a few kissing of the frogs. I’m so very happy to know that this time she truly found her Prince. Cheers!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?