Tis my niece’s 2nd birthday today. Auntie Jenny already sent to her house in time for the big day a Dr. Seuss Birthday Book and a Penguin Book (of course!)

I also couldn’t resist this when I saw…Countryside in a Bag.

Um…yeah. Too precious.

I didn’t notice any size mentioned. I assumed normal blocks. Imagine my surprise when I get this box in the mail from MoMA.

That would be a free pack of notecards standing next to Countryside in a Bag. And while, sinfully adorable…all the Countryside in a Bag fits on this oversized postcard.

I would like my $25.96 back please. (Outrageous shipping/handling for such a small item!) Next time I will pay closer attention to details like, size. Cause in this case, size matters.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?