Oopsy: DirectTV

Back in December, I moved to the lowest tier package that DirectTV had to offer, it seemed our bill was just way too high for way too many channels that we never, ever watch. Oh and we removed that auto-bill payment step.

Today I logged on our account to see how much the bill was and when it was due. It was update the bill spreadsheet day at Weber Wonderland. (Ugh.) I was floored at the amount it said we owed. How on earth is it that much? We paid last month?

Confused, I actually took a few extra minutes to seek out the billing statement and look at the charges.

SURPRISE! We’ve been getting charged the last three months for the NFL Sunday Ticket? Um, we most certainly did not order such an extravagance. It came free years ago when we first signed up but after that, nope.

Another few minutes later, HWMMS was on the phone with “Veronica” trying to sort this situation out and a credit was issued.


Lesson learned, pay closer attention to bills. Especially those that are on auto-pilot for payments or even with paperless billing. Many times I just glance at the amount, sigh, and then make a payment.

Good reminder to check it out if you have DirectTv, hey you never know!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?