Opening Day with the Buffalo Sabres!

Friends, Sports, Western New York / Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Opening Day with the Buffalo Sabres!

I think we might have a tradition on our hands! Just like last year and the year before my friend Karen and I went to the Buffalo Sabres Home Opener together!

Sabres against Flyers. Sabres win. Drew tried to be all tough guy and get in a fight. Good times.


The bad part? I was sick as a dog and really should have stayed home. We actually left in the middle of the 3rd period. How sick was I? Sick enough to NOT BUY THESE ADORABLE SABRES PENGUINS THAT WERE 50% OFF AT THE SABRES STORE.

I did sort of make a promise to myself that I would buy tickets for the games this year but no merchandise…so I did stick to that plan. Poor penguins, I hope they found a good home.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?