Opera! In Springville?

Music, Western New York / Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Opera! In Springville? Apparently after coming back from seeing a WORLD CLASS opera performance at the Springville Center for the Arts, HWMMS and I are compelled to sing everything we normally would speak to each other. I just realized my Husband has a damn fine singing voice…🎶

Brava to all involved—a job well done on The Music Shop! Such a deliciously delightful hour of merriment and music!

I highly recommend—there’s one more performance tomorrow at the Flickinger Center at Nichols School. Go. See. It.

And thank you Valerian Ruminski and all the others, for bringing this spark of joy to Springville and working with our students.

GREAT article in The Public.: Spotlight: Valerian Ruminski of Nickel City Opera

I like the way he thinks *says the Director of the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Another reason why we are important is that we pay people for jobs done. Commerce is conducted in the name of opera. People are flown to Buffalo to work here. They spend money here. The arts is accountable for as much or more dollars spent and moved as the Bills or the Sabres. If anything, the sports teams cost Buffalo in terms of tax money spent for breaks and stadium renovations. For the amount of dollars spent, the arts have a much bigger impact than the sports teams. How great would it be for NICKEL CITY OPERA to host a national Opera America convention, which would bring thousands of opera people here to enjoy chicken wings and beef on weck? Why not? So, even if you don’t like opera, at least help opera to bring in commerce for the city.”