Oscar Humor, Librarian Style

I still can’t even imagine what took the people in charge so long to realize this mistake, how many people gave their speeches before someone got on stage? Oy. Live television, right?

Other thoughts upon watching the Oscars…

I’m admittedly not a movie person. But I really haven’t heard of most of the movies that are nominated, as usual.

“Sustainable clothing?” you mean pre-loved…hand me downs? Whoda thunk it.

WHY is E! TV pushing Kris Jenner on us even more than usual?

Surprised to say but I’m really digging Giuliana Rancic’s gown. Also Kris Jenner might be the dullest most uninspiring human alive.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the green but that dress on Chrissy Metz is just a bunched up mess on the top, maybe standing is better?

I love Michael J. Fox more than anything.

It might be impossible to not love Justin Timberlake.

I love musicals. And I admit I know NOTHING about La La Land. But I really feel like I don’t ever want to see La La Land.

Love her. Not sure I agree with her very overreaching statement about the acting profession though…”I became an artist and thank God I did because we are the only profession to celebrate what it means to live a life.” @violadavis

Eh.The #oscars playing some silly gotcha reality TVesque bus full of tourists game is a bit tacky. #Comeseehowtheotherhalflive

Um, in a most twisted way that was worth staying up for. still notsure how the card was read wrong, but um….yeah. Time to DVR.

Ok, wrong card. But it took how long for them to realize it? Oof. And if you are the presenter and it is obviously the wrong card do you just wing it? Or do you try to clarify at that moment?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?