Music, Personal, Writing / Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

(Gut punch.)

I was messaging with a friend from college this evening and she mentioned the passion her son has for soccer—and how it rivaled her passion for physics.


Hmmm. It got me thinking a little while later on the drive home. Passion. Geez? What on earth would I consider my passion?

Blogging? Writing?

BAM. Synchronicity. STOP.

And at that exact moment my brain thought those worlds, gut punch.

I had the radio turned on, which isn’t unusual…but I wasn’t listening to news which is what I usually listen to on the way to and  from the office on my long 6-7 minute commute. Occasionally I’ll turn on music but I learned quickly that the station I like plays about 6-7 minutes of commercials when I apparently tune in. So most of the time, NPR it is, if anything.

Tonight, I was coming home after a day in the office followed by a lecture led by my friend for the Historical Society and I thought—maybe I needed music for some reason. Of course there was a commercial playing, but I left it on anyhow.

My brain went thinking…Blogging. Writing?

And before I could even shrug away the thought the next song came on the radio.

What song was it you ask?

The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics.

Of course, I started to cry immediately.

And then I said out loud “ok, dad. I get it. blogging. writing.”


Just like that, one little song. One huge reminder.

The other part of this story? I had sent along a call for submissions to my dearest Meesh last week.

I kept rolling around the thought of writing a piece but the only song that came to my mind, was, The Living Years. WHICH IS NOT EXACTLY the kind of obsession over a song I think the editors are looking for. More of an omen. But I couldn’t pinpoint ONE song from my childhood. The only song that came to mind was The Living Years—-write it out. So I disregarded the idea of trying to come up with something and threw this topic into my NaNoWriMo calendar of essay topics for November instead.

The fact that at the moment I was pondering what my true passion might be and I came up with blogging/writing and this song came on? Well, you decide.

I’m kinda leaning towards the fact that my dad is telling me I’m on the right track. Words on the page. More words on the page.