I ran out of things to read on the interwebs! HELP!

So, the first mindless page i click…

WHY did I think this would be a good idea?

Let’s take a look at some of the headline links.

Joey Lawrence Welcomes Second Daughter

I would’ve added WHOA to the end of that headline.

Buzz Aldrin: Walking on the Moon Was Easy Compared to DWTS

Ugh. When an American Hero joins Dancing with the Stars, the terrorists win. Also, why do I know what DWTS is without clicking! Bad Jen.

Simon Cowell Admits He’s ‘Smitten’ with Bride-to-Be

Why smitten seems to be a normal thing for someone getting married right? Why isĀ  this a story?

Revealed! Jillian and Ed’s Wedding Gift for Jason and Molly

THANK GOD! Now I can find out what color Pottery Barn towels this couple gave that couple for a wedding present.

Now I can go to sleep satisfied.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?