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Silly Harley

I gotta admire Harley’s optimism…he goes to the front porch, sees it’s raining and decides not to go outside. One minute later he goes to the side door, thinking maybe it’s not raining over there—sees it is raining and decides not to go outside. Sorry buddy.


3. Three of my real estate domain names auto-renewed this month. I didn’t want them. I thought I removed the account, but I didn’t. I tried this weekend to talk to someone at the hosting site about it, they couldn’t refund me but they would cancel…

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I was dreaming about this moment while falling asleep last night. Coffee on the porch with the puppies. Heaven. Outtake: Jordan too, enjoys her coffee on the front porch. Or her coffee anywhere she can get it. Silly girl doesn’t realize puppies aren’t supposed…


Oooh. Denied! Papa asked Henri if he wanted to go for a car ride. The answer is usually OFCOURSEJUMPINCARRIGHTNOW. But when Henri went outside and saw Mama still inside, he came back in the house and sat next to me on the couch.