Playing Cupid?

Dating / Monday, August 9th, 2010

Playing Cupid?

I’ve played cupid in my day, maybe once or twice.

However up until this point in life I’ve never been the person that someone set up. Until now.

My soon-to-be former FWB seemed to think his good friend in Ohio would be a good match for me.  And on a recent trip to OH to visit my college friends, I ended up meeting Mr. Ohio.

Yes, I went to another state and ended up on a date. Surprise!

Mr. Ohio  drove 2ish hours to meet me and we went out for dinner which turned into a drink at the bar date…that turned into coffee in a bookstore date. (Aren’t those the BEST kind?) Oh, and how could I forget it turned into a “come in and meet my friends” date before he drove home.

The soon-to-be former FWB did a good job. At first it felt like “you’re single and he’s single and you both want kids and I want him to move to Buffalo so I can hang out with him so why don’t you date” kinda thing.

But as the night went on I quickly realized this was only part of his plan. I think it was about at the point where he was talking about catching minnows in the creek as a kid and selling them with his brother. (Ok, my brother and I didn’t SELL them but we did catch them and try to feed them to our cats, with no luck.)

It was a nice date.

And even though Mr. Ohio lives…well…5ish hours away.

We’ve managed to have two more dates. Ok, one didn’t really count because it was lunch and the now-former FWB was with us, but…

I’d say that’s a pretty good track record so far.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?