Potato Snake Dreams?

Dreams / Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Potato Snake Dreams? Is that what that was? WHAT THE HELL BRAIN!

I’m in the garden. I’m digging up potatoes. As I dig and dig and dig and find yummy starches below the earth I stumble upon one particular potato that is seriously embedded down in the dirt. I keep moving around the edges and it seems like the potato is just getting bigger.

HURRAH IT’S A MAGICAL NEVER ENDING POTATO! I’m gonna be rich? No…not really.

After a few minutes of digging, with the help of a shovel that appeared out of nowhere (yes, I use my hands in real life and in my dreams to dig up potatoes in the garden) I finally pull up this GINORMOUS beast from the ground, it’s the size of a medium pumpkin. And as I am pulling the potato out of the ground and holding it up to marvel at the size, it somehow seems to have doubled in size and another medium size pumpkin shaped potato appears. Basically, think ridiculously large bottleneck gourd shaped potato.

Aside: OH MY GOD WHY DO I DREAM ABOUT GOURDS? I just remembered I blogged about THIS dream last year!

So now, I am holding up my prize potato in the air like Mufasa in the Lion King holds up Simba—-so proud! HUGE! I wonder if it’s going to be tough I think to myself AT THE EXACT MOMENT the lower half of my bottleneck-gourd-shaped-double-medium-pumpkin-sized potato starts to get all sorts of mushy and soft.


And then—-the gross part. Worms. Slimy, creepy, crawly, greenish worms start falling out of the bottom of the giant potato. Think Tomato Hornworms. (And if you don’t know how disgusting those things are, use the Google. No wait! I blogged about Tomato Hornworms before I know I did. Click here! Also, gross.)

EVEN WORSE? As I start to notice (and am repulsed by) said worms they somehow seem to keep growing larger—-snake size, chubby endless worms!

And that is the end of the dream.

Yeah. WTF brain?