Dating, Personal / Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Thursday night?

The BFF took me to Gabe’s for a few stiff drinks because I was nervous that I was meeting up with…*He Who I Cannot Resist* for dinner.

*He Who I Cannot Resist* ?

Yes. *He Who I Cannot Resist*

*He Who I Cannot Resist* and I have not hung out since 2005. We have been in touch over the years but for some reason the last month or so he has become someone I’m chatting with everyday over Facebook, email , texts.

And then he asks me out to dinner, to catch up in person. I know it isn’t anything, he and I have been talking about all our dating pursuits and he is well -versed in who I’m seeing and not etc. But? Well?

Well. It turned out to be…quite nice. REALLY nice actually. He bought. We talked and talked and talked and flirted a little and it was something I never really expected from him. I mean the two of us went out TWICE. Once back in the day when we first. first met. And then out to lunch when we ended things for good.

At the end of the evening he said we should do this again, maybe sometime next week…and he dropped me off at Gabe’s. Where I had decided to meet BFF for another drink.  BFF and I hung as always. I went home and instantly logged on the computer to talk to…Math Teacher.

A few weeks ago I half-heartedly rejoined Match.com and Math Teacher and I have sent a few messages back and forth but the night before date with *He Who I Cannot Resist* …we stayed up on the phone for 4 hours. The first thing I wanted to do after spending all night with *He Who I Cannot Resist* and BFF..was talk to Math Teacher. And we did again for several hours into the early morn.

Swoon…I’m meeting Math Teacher tomorrow for dinner. The two of us have been talking all night on the phone for the last 4 days until wee hours of the morning…well one night it was until 5 am. He asked me out for Thursday but I had other plans, so the two of us have to wait until Monday since he has his kiddos this weekend.

Monday cannot come fast enough.

*Not going to say much more do not want to jinx*

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?