Poutine. Mmmmm. Poutine.


Poutine. Mmmmm. PoutineLast night HWMMS and I had an impromptu date night in my old stomping grounds in Elmwood Village.

We shopped at the Lexington Co-op and then wandered up the street for some good beers at Blue Monk

Hence the picture of the poutine as well as the glass of Delirium Tremens. Our seats were up on the second floor but overlooking the bar area so HWMMS had prime hipster watching AND we could watch the Sabres game too!


HWMMS ordered the fancy cheese plate. Yum. And no, sadly I do not recall the proper names of the cheeses that evening. Something gouda, something blue and something Italian.


Also upon good recommendation from our friend Tom, HWMMS ordered this beer. Which was AMAZINGLY tasty (if you are a stout fan.)

A very nice, random evening in the city. Made me a wee bit nostalgic of the days not so long ago…of course I couldn’t afford to frequent the Blue Monk while I lived a block away but that’s a different story.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?