Powder Keg Festival

Powder Keg Festival


Hell yes! Tis the Powder Keg Festival in Buffalo, NY last week and I was there…all the live long day on Saturday and lived to tell about it. It only took about a week later for me to recover and blog…ha.

The plan was to get to Pearl Street in the morning for ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKE BREAKFAST. However by the time my friends and I got there (I blame Rita Moreno and the Mayor…)

Heading to the Powder Keg Festival!

No breakfast for us.  Pancakes, gone.


Of course the next logical step was to have Powder Keg Beer for Breakfast. And another and another and another.


Until we were sloshy and hungry and ordered grub from the bar. I ordered the most delicious potato pancake grub ever. Tummy so happy! Beer still flowing.

Me and Bobby

Hey world, look how cute I am with my new pom-pom Sabres Shamrock hat! Is it time for Ron Hawkins yet? No? Only 12:30? Hmmm.

Tubing down the skyway...

I KNOW! Let’s stand on the balcony and drink beer and watch the people below lined up to Snow Tube down the skyway!


Or is that…the FRIED DOUGH LINE?


Doesn’t matter. We’ve got beer!

Eventually we left the balcony and wandered around the slushy terrain. Light wet snow falling ALL DAY LONG led to wet, wet, wet…

I wore rainboots. SMART THINKING

But smart me, I wore my RAINBOOTS! And stayed dry.

Hockey Playing Snowmen

Oh look, teeny snowmen playing hockey!

Shea Family!

Later on, in the beer tent of course…we met up with this couple from South Buffalo. SURPRISE!

Liz and I

And still more beer was consumed. Hi Liz!

World's Largest Ice Maze

FINALLY at the end of the day (beginning of the night, around 6:30?) We made it to the ice maze, right before Ron hit the stage.


Enter Ron Hawkins and much smiling. And snow. And smiling. And Ron. And snow.

Me and Mags end of night

Good times. Good friends.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?