Power of Positive Thinking

Power of Positive Thinking

I am now going to step away from the computer and make some coffee. And be thankful that I have a coffeemaker and coffee in the house this morning, because I will need it…

I am going to get dressed and ready for work. Cozy Friday, lazy Friday clothes. I am thankful I have a job that I enjoy so much, I am absolutely truly blessed. And a closet full of clothes I manage to get great deals on…

I am going to catch the bus downtown. I am thankful and so lucky that my apartment which I love is located in one of the most convienent places for someone without a car. I have a bus that drives by my house and picks me up at the corner and goes straight to where I work. LUCKY.

I am going to go pass work this morning and continue to the Metro where I will end up getting off downtown and wandering over to the DMV with all my paperwork to get my vehicle on the road. I have everything I need so it should be easy and hassle free and quick and painless and friendly. I am amazingly blessed to be in a situation where my Aunt and Uncle were able to help me out by giving me this van for free. I am for once in my life able to just take the $$$ from my savings to pay for the repairs, insurance and get the thing on the road without having to beg and borrow. It feels good. I am blessed.

I am then going to go with Rachel, one of my best friends, to pick up the van at the mechanic late this afternoon. I am blessed and thankful to have such helpful friends looking out for me and taking care of me, and Rachel has done more of her fair share this last month.

And then? God willing? My blessed and peaceful day will end with me taking the new vehicle to Rachel’s where we will enjoy a delicious fish fry in a warm loving house surrounded by friends.

Life is good.

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