Pressure Canner: Why Am I Terrified Of You?

HWMMS (He Who Makes Me Smile) mentioned the other day that he was shocked that we didn’t already own a pressure canner, because “isn’t that an essential item?”

In our house, perhaps. Especially since I have jars of bone broth in the fridge that would be much better suited for the pantry right now.

So tell me why is this bad boy still sitting on the counter? I did take it out of the box, but…

There was one story, long ago, about a pressure canner randomly exploding and for that reason alone (doesn’t matter if it was true or not…) I’M TERRIFIED OF ACTUALLY USING THIS BAD BOY!

And then there are the instructions. First page. Eek. BODILY INJURY. I tool Torts class in Law School, I know why these precautions are written in black and white.

I think as long as I have HWMMS by my side the first time, I will feel safe. Or at least this way he can’t blame me if we blow up the house the first time we use it.

Someone, reassure me?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?