Psychic Readings

Mind and Spirit / Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Readings from the past... by you.

July 1994-Otherwise known as *crazy summer* I was living with Katie and hanging out in Fredonia, right after my Sophomore year at Allegheny. Oh, how innocent I was…

November 2001-Wow, a month after 9/11. I was working as a child-care counselor overnights, going to law school and ready, really really ready but unable to break things off with the never-ending dating-not-dating boyfriend at the time. Living with Erin and Kim in my first flat in Buffalo and not rooming with the boy for the first time since moving back to WNY.

September 2003- Ah, I was living on my own (with Simba and Sasha) for the first time ever. In Allentown. Ghetto apartment complex but adorable apartment. Head over heels in love with DCJohn. Still working as a child-care counselor (almost at the month I was assaulted.) Still half assed trying to sort of do law school here and there. Three months before the BIG 30. And also the month I started blogging!

I’ve been back since but never with a tape recording. Gee, I wonder what these say? Must find walkman.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?