Pumpkin Spice

Food & Drink, Pets / Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Really? Pumpkin Spice…Greenies? Methinks the pumpkin spice craze has gone a little wacko.

And I’m a pumpkin spice lover and advocate. Bring it on! All Things Pumpkin and Fall! Hurrah!

AND I know that pumpkin, as in the fruit, wait, a veggie? that you grow in the ground—is actually very healthy and good for dogs. In fact Harley enjoys playing and eating them straight from the garden.

But pumpkin spice flavor—-GREENIES? Maybe pumpkin greenies. Made with real pumpkin! But alas, that is not so. I think this is going too far. Of course there’s a market of people just waiting out there to purchase this item, I just know it. That person however is not me.