Puppy Playtime

Pets / Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Does anyone else have a pair of puppies (2-3 years old, not really puppies anymore but they will always be puppies to me) who prefer to play together when one of their parents gets down on the floor with them?

I would guesstimate 9/10 times our dogs are itchin to wrestle with each other they first look to one of their parents to join the pack and sit on the floor with them before playing. And most 9/10 of these times, it’s me.

Not sure where this behavior originated though…YES we love to watch the puppies play so I know they probably think of this time as putting on a show for mom and dad however the fact that we have to be physically at their level for the catalyst? Odd.

I’m sure this is bad parenting somewhere down the line, I mean they do play. But they prefer to play when one of their parents is on the floor with them. (This same situation is not true outdoors though.)

I just find it odd. sometimes endearingly odd, often times annoyingly odd, but all the time odd.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?