Personal / Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

PURGE. Monday, Monday…Out with the old.



I purged like crazy when I moved from the three bedroom flat I shared with my ex to the two bedroom upper apartment I just left on Monday. But this move? I got rid of even more. See? Of course most of this was curb picked before I even started my move.

Not to mention over the last month I got rid of countless other boxes and bags of things I haven’t touched since moving last year. I mean if I haven’t even TOUCHED it in over a year I probably don’t need it right?

(This also meant a lot of my law school texts. Outdated and old and written up. AND HEAVY AS A MOTHER…fill in the blanks.)

And yet still? I find myself unpacking at the new place and entirely overwhelmed.

I have a small one-bedroom.  Adorable. Happy. Affordable, best location ever. However, super tiny kitchen. I thought I was doing well with creative use of space and then I found three more large boxes of kitchen items. And this isn’t including restocking the seriously empty pantry/cupboards. Oh wait, I have no space for food. Which means I will be investing in one of these next Thursday (payday) to stick in the hallway.

But…wait! Back to moving day.

The move went well. I have amazingly helpful friends who I couldn’t live without and had the extra special help from Karen and her brother John and his pretty, pretty cherry red truck to make it all possible. THANK YOU FRIENDS! We had pizzas and wings  from Zetti’s (YUM!) and beers in the backyard and all was good in the world.


The landlord provides patio furniture and chairs and there is a wooden swing and grill and firepit and hammock stand in the VERY VERY SHADY backyard.  I can’t wait to get my girly little hands dirty back there and sweep and plant and make it all sort of pretty!

I think I’ll be spending a lot of time back there this summer.

Along with this partner in crime who lives 1/2 block away.

Just a Block Away!

Adorable Maggie and I sat in my hallway chatting like schoolgirls and finishing up our beers when everyone else left. Happiness.

Around 10:30-11 I realized I left my cats back at the old place. Ok, not JUST realized I knew this however I had the time to worry about it for the first time since moving. I had not seen Simba Cat all day long and of course neither one of them were around for the last load. I don’t mind leaving Sasha Kitten out all night but Simba Cat cries and cries and cries.

Luckily for me my dear friend Alex texted me and told me he would take me back over to look for the cats. As soon as we were in the old apartment Sasha showed up…but Simba took a bit to show his face. I was more relieved than I thought I would be when I had both of my kitties at my new place with me for the first night at the new apartment.  Thank you Alex!

Simba Cat cried pretty much most of the night and hid while Sasha Cat growled and hissed. Confusing behavior, I mean it’s not like the gatos haven’t moved, well, this is their 7th place they have lived in their 9 years of life. I felt like I took Sasha away from his girlfriend cat or something, he was so miserable all night and just wanted to go outside.

What's out there?

Poor kitties.

Shortly after taking this photo, I hit the sack. Hard.

Mama and Kitty

Good things are a coming…I can feel it.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?