Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life? Hmmm. If we only knew the answer to this timeless question.

The intersection is the tricky part, eh?

I always felt that deep down the purpose of life, or at the very least my life, was to serve...


But what does that even mean?

  1. Serve mankind?
  2. Serve the community?
  3. Serve yourself?

If my gift is my ability to connect with people…and the call I hear is to serve. I should be serving the people in our community?Ā  In every day to day life? I thought so. Yes, of course. But lately, my circle is getting smaller. And this is by choice. And this is ok. And shouldn’t feel guilty about this, yet somehow it seems the guilt always creeps in.

I’m more focused on serving MY people. Me. My HWMMS. My family. My friends.

MeMyselfI2017-–Self-care is essential. If all I have the energy for is spending time with my mom, and the puppies and my husband (after work) that’s all I need to worry about right now. And man, for some reason this alone has taken every ounce of energy I have. Damn empathness. I suppose this thought makes me feel like I’m somehow failing that all-knowing purpose of life.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?