Rabbit Dream, Again

Dreams, Personal / Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Rabbit Dream, Again

I would search for the old post about my recurring dream but instead I shall recap for you…

My recurring dream I have had since my father died 15 years ago involves me waking up and realizing that since dad was gone, no one fed the rabbits. (We had a Rabbit farm growing up, this was part daily chores.) I would rush out to the barn and reach on my tippy toes to the top cages (sort of like the photo above but stacks in stacks of three and much larger) to reach in the heavy ceramic crock dishes and only feel wet hay and traces of dusty pellets. PANIC! I had this dream a number of times…many, many times…every time I would wake up after I realized no one was taking care of the rabbits. I never paid attention to when I was having this dream…I just know I had it at least 10 times.

THEN I was trying to make the decision, shortly after graduating from college, whether I was going to pursue my dream of moving to Washington D.C. (I had several good friends in the area) OR stay put and make a home in Buffalo and go to law school. While I was in D.C. visiting Rachel, tormenting myself with the possibilities…DC now law school later? Law School now and maybe DC later? after seeing all the endless clones of personality-less apartment complexes and droves of agenda ridden twenty-somethings all around…I decided on Buffalo. That night, I had my rabbit dream again. BUT THIS TIME when I got to the barn, the rabbits were fed and everything was fine.

I have not had this dream again…

Until Wednesday morning.

Yep. I had the rabbit dream again. 6 years since I had this dream! Right after finishing the Calling in the One book…and dreaming about my future intention.

This time the dream involved me in the barn, in the process of feeding the animals.

All the rabbits are fed, the white bucket with the clean water and the black bucket for the dirty water are beside me, I have enough rabbit pellets in the barrel and there are new bales of hay being delivered later that afternoon. Plenty of supplies. The weird thing is that in the middle of the barn, there are two cages with guinea pigs. (In the middle of the barn where we kept the tractor mind you…and yes, we did have guinea pigs as kids too, although I never dreamed of them before!)

I realize that the one guinea pig has outgrown the little wire cage and I want to move him into the giant wooden cage that we use for the rabbits for more room…the middle cage is empty.(The cage is big enough to lock in a little cousin when playing Judge as a child!)

I ask Lil Brother what he thinks I should do. Can I move the one animal to the large cage and keep the other one by itself? Would that be fair? Could we keep the two animals together? Would dad be mad? Should I just do it and explain later…the pigs need more room to explore, they look so sad sitting there…

I decide, against the opinion of little brother who wants me to wait until dad comes back with the hay…to go ahead and move the pigs into the cage together. Dad comes back (my dad is not alive in the dream, he has come back to bring the hay though…and answer our questions, both my brother and I are aware of the fact that the dad we are waiting for has passed away, of course, since we are taking care of all the animals…)

We both assume that dad is going to be pissed off for moving things around without his permission, but it turns out that he complements me and tells me that my idea seemed like the perfect compromise. I was doing everything fine, all the animals are being taken care of, I shouldn’t worry about them…

And then I woke up.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?